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Guide to the art prints of John James Audubon - Birds of America artist

Audubon Prints

The Artwork of John J Audubon - Birds of America

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The "Bird's of North America", by John James Audubon, is considered to be among the finest ornithological works ever created.

Originally printed in the early 1800s, Audubon's illustrations are appreciated and recognized by generations of Americans.

As can be seen in the Brown Pelican example right, John Audubon's realistic renderings were usually in the context of the habitat of the birds. To complete his study of America's birds, Audubon traveled across the United States. At one point, he visited the Florida Keys, Key West, and the Dry Tortugas - where he created many famous drawings of birds he observed.

In the following pages, we will detail each edition of the original prints.

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